Train4food Online Technical Support

If you are experiencing any problems while using any of the online courses please telephone 01482 861040 for assistance.
Please make sure that you read through and follow the food safety registration email that you have received before calling.

If you have been issued with a 6 digit technical support code then enter it below and a technician will instruct you further.


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Online technical support is only available during the following office hours:-

Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm | Friday 9am - 4pm.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When I am registering for a food safety course I get the following error?

Cannot find the purchase details in the eLearnershop database.
A. You will receive the above error message if the course key that you have entered when registering does not match the course key in our database. Please either copy and paste the course key from your registration email or re-enter the key taking care with the following characters – zero (0), letter o, 1 or letter I. The most common errors are caused by entering a letter o instead of a zero (0).

You have already used this purchase credit.
A.You will receive the above error message if you are trying to enter a course key when registering that you have already used before. If you are registering for the first time and you receive this message please try to login to the course using the username and password that you created during this process since the register button may have been click twice during the registration process.
You do not have to re-register for the course to log back into the Elearning management system.

There was an error creating your account: The following fields are not unique within eLearner Shop - [Username]
A.You will receive the above error message if you have tried to use a username that we already have in our database when registering. Please try to make the username that you are creating more unique, i.e. MSmith35.

Please make sure that your username contains only a..z and 0..9
A.You will receive the above error message if you have tried to create a username that contain invalid characters during the registration process. Your username must ONLY contain letters and numbers with NO SPACES.

Q. I have just started the first lesson and I cannot see and next button to move to the next page – How do I move to the next page?
A.This problem can occur when your screen size settings on your PC may have been changed to make the size of the icons on the screen larger. If you are unable to see the next button that is located in the bottom right of the screen press the F11 key on the top for you keyboard, this will enlarge the screen allowing you to see the next button.

Q. When visit for the first time the page is telling me that I have an active pop-up blocker on my PC, how do I remove it?
A.If you have are having problems disabling the pop-up blocker for the website please follow the steps below.
If you are using internet explorer to view the website (Large e symbol on your desktop) follow the picture below. How to unblock an explorer popup
Then press the F5 key on the top of your keyboard to refresh the webpage.

If the page is still displaying that you have an active pop-up blocker please check if you have a Google search toolbar, if so use the image below to help you disable the pop-up blocker. Disable google search bar
Then press the F5 key on the top of your keyboard to refresh the webpage.

If you are still having problems disabling the pop-up blocker after completing the above steps please click here for further information.