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5s Training Lean Management course has been relocated and is now only available to purchase through our Train4academy website.

5s Training - Lean Management -
Effective 5s techniques for your business.

I think we would all agree that for any business to be profitable, its systems need to be efficient and run well. This cannot happen if there is disorganisation and chaos.

5s is a management tool which aims to help with workplace organisation, which in turn will streamline systems, help identify waste and unnecessary activities and ultimately will lead to a leaner way of working and greater profitability. The term 5s originates in 5 Japanese words.

These are:

  • Seiri – Sort out to eliminate what is unnecessary
  • Seiton – Straighten, or set in order
  • Seiso – Clean and tidy
  • Seiketsu – Standardise to ensure interchangeable
  • Shitsuke- Sustain high standards throughout

If companies are considering including 5s lean management techniques, this would be an excellent introduction and expaination of the system. This will help to clarify the aims of 5s and simplify its introduction.

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